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"Becoming" - vintage collection no. 3

Entering the New Year with thoughts of "Becoming." The adjective meaning "(especially of clothing) flattering a person's appearance." But more importantly, I am thinking of the word "Becoming" as in the noun "the process of coming to be something or of passing into a state."

photo taken by: Gabriela Freid

Becoming is a life-long process. And as women, we are always becoming of ______________...

This collection drop is representative of some of the new things that have developed in my own personal life. As a vintage curator, it is almost impossible for me to put together a wardrobe that is not inspired by my own life happenings. I celebrated two weddings this past year, my little sister and my own. And at that time, while searching for my own wedding dress, I fell in love with the quality and timeless look of vintage wedding gowns. Being inspired by my own personal search, I decided to scout out a few wedding dresses to feature on our shop (dropping soon). I am hoping these wedding dresses see another very special day.

photo taken by: Gabriela Freid

A few other glimpses of my own life adventures from this curated collection, is my now well spent and sacred time in the kitchen experimenting with varied flavorful combinations from my very own pantry. I love running my own kitchen and seeing the delighted faces of those who enjoy the meal. Dropping soon is a small collection of handmade granny aprons -- some functional and some purely decorative.

photo taken by: Gabriela Freid

These are a few of the Becoming adventures I am passing into while new developments are foreshadowing. I am excited to continue to witness the Becoming of You can take a look at our gallery tab to have a sneak peak of some of the pieces that will be dropping next. Our recent Becoming collection was photographed by Gabriela Freid under her creative and artistic direction. We had a great time shooting our vintage looks at Special Purpose Lighting, a boutique lighting company in Los Angeles. Models/Team were art sisters from UCLA and Jesus sisters from my childhood church: Talia Cancik, Lauren Hickey, Sofi Kaufman, Niaceli and Stephanie Vital (wardrobe assistant). I am so honored to have these beautiful gals featured on this latest collection drop.

While I am here excited for the future of this small vintage brand and for my own personal developments, I do not wish for you to be discouraged if you are seemingly in a season of waiting, working, pruning, replanting, watering and yielding to God's nurturing hands.

Our culture today often demands us to be productive in order to feel a sense of value. However, Psalm 1:3 says, "He [She] is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither." In our lives we have seasons -- some dry and some fruitful.

If you are reading this, I sincerely hope you are encouraged to rest in the Lord or embrace your stage of Becoming.

With love,

Hanna Ainsworth

Founder + Creator of

In order of appearance: Niacel Vital, Talia Cancik, Sofi Kaufman and Lauren Hickey.

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